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85% of companies moving to new premises will just accept the existing services and supplier rates when they move in. Choice is a wonderful thing and has a very strange reaction on pricing when you can shop across the entire energy market This is what IKONIX will do for you!

IKONIX Telecoms work with an open market and are able to stipulate your exact requirements to secure and deliver the best rates across all suppliers and we can lock the rates down to avoid the costly spikes associated with energy costs.

Cost savings

Our dedicated advisors will review your energy tariff looking into your usage and future needs allowing them to find the most competitive energy plan unique to your business.
We offer a single stop solution to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your overheads with minimum input for yourselves with maximum savings achieved.
Energy usage
Reviewing your company's energy usage and changing tariff is often one of the easiest ways for you to reduce your business expenses

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