iPECS Phontage Virtual Phone

automated dialing brochure iPECS Phontage is not a CTI agent but an integrated virtual phone on your PC. Thanks to the advanced application design of the iPECS Phontage, you can experience seamless portable communication and productivity enhancing collaborative communications.

Powerful communication tool
The iPECS Phontage is a PC application that integrates the extensive iPECS voice communications capabilities with communications aware applications on your PC. The iPECS Phontage user friendly interface enriches your communications experience and eases access to contact databases. The iPECS Phontage is available with several versions to support a variety of clients all supporting advanced QoS tools to assure high quality voice and video communications.

A variety of client types
The iPECS Phontage is available in 3 versions to meet the needs of each individual, Basic, Deluxe and PDA. The Basic version works as a powerful tool for users with intense communication needs. The Deluxe version provides the one-on-one multi-media communication functionality. For the frequent traveler, the iPECS Phontage PDA is the perfect multi-tasking mobile communicator. User can also make calls from their web browser using the ActiveX controlled compact client, the iPECS Web Phone.

User friendly interface
User centric interface is one of the major distinctions of the iPECS Phontage. The Always-on-top Call assistant, Smart system tray, Audio tuning wizard and wireless hook-switch integration provide an intuitive operational interface for every user.

Simplify personal contact management
The iPECS Phontage integrates with the most common contact managers including ACT!, GoldMine and Outlook. You can easily download and upload personal contacts to the iPECS Phontage and automatically synchronize the database with Outlook contacts and scheduler for simple database management.

Enhancing the communication experience
The iPECS Phontage is a powerful personal assistant that enriches the communication experience. With links to your contact manager simply dial by name and Phontage fi nds and dials the number. Register Phontage with your desk phone and seamlessly switch voice from your PC by just lifting the desk phone handset. With incoming calls, the Phontage delivers a pop-up with details from your contact manager. You’ll know who is calling and details of your calling history. Scheduled dialing adds to the power of the Phontage as a personal assistant. The iPECS Phontage has all the capabilities of your desk phone and more, you’ll enjoy the ability to send and receive SMS messages to stay informed, assuring everyone gets the message straight. Add the Phontage Deluxe to gain the advantage of a true collaborative multimedia communication including video conferencing, peer to peer instant messaging, and application and fi le sharing.

Full Feature Soft Client, iPECS Phontage - datasheet (PDF)

All of this delivered at a cost you can afford and working with Ikonix Telecoms a specialist iPECS authorised reseller who can help you implement a truly tailored communication solution.

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