AI Marketing On Hold

Music on Hold / Auto Attendant messaging / Voicemail

70% of Business Callers are placed on Hold

60% of Callers hang up if there is no music or message to keep them engaged

34% of Callers will not call back

30% of callers who hear on hold marketing messages, go onto to make a purchase of the product being advertised

Letting your clients know your full business portfolio and availability is hugely important – with Our AI Marketing on hold, you can share your personalised messages with your customers and change it as often as you like  – so you can include simple things like, personal greeting, daily special offers, holiday closures, new product lines or just messages to inform of upcoming changes.

And best of all, the portal is simple to use

## IKONIX Telecoms are offering either a managed or unmanaged service allowing as many recordings & changes as you wish ##

Log in Screen

Step 1. Log into your AI Studio

Logging in couldn’t be easier!

The same as most other portals, you simply enter your registered email / username and then enter your password > Click the remember me box if you want and then press “Sign in”.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a simple “forgot password” button to select.

Step 2. Welcome to your AI Studio

Once logged in, your personised AI studio pops up with a welcome message giving you the option to allow the AI to start the creation of your messages, gathering data from your website to populate the message or a Skip option if you just want to jump straight in and create a quick message yourself

Welcome to the Studio

Step 3. Create your Project

From here you can create a new project or multiple projects and store them in the folder, for when you need to use the message.

So perhaps you may want to create your Christmas message in July!

Step 4. Here we go!

The AI portal brings up three of the most popular voices for you to choose from. All you need to do is select one of the voices – but don’t worry, you can change this later if you are not happy and you can choose from a huge range of genders, accents or even languages!

Then Click “Next

AI Magic

Step 5. Watch the magic happen.

In the space provided, type your website address (URL).

The AI will search your website for the approprate content and create a bespoke message based on the information gained from both your website and the global internet

Then Click “Next

Step 6. Welcome Message

The basic greeting messages are created, using the initial voice selected and the information gathered from the worldwide web.  Again, its a suggestion and initial message which can be amended. This will create recordings for On Hold Marketing & Music, Voicemail No Answer & Voicemail Out of Hours

At this stage you have the option of clicking “Next” or you can add additional options for your Auto Attendant (i.e Press 1 for Sales / Press 2 for Lettings OR Press 1 for Company A or Press 2 for Company B) 

These options can be personalised in the coming stages


Step 7. Additional Messages

The AI Manager creates the additional bespoke messages for each of the On Hold Marketing & Music along with Voicemail No Answer & Voicemail Out of Hours.

Once this is complete, you can click “save” to create your project.

Again this uses the standard voices, music and AI generated text which can be personalised in the next stages

Step 8. Your creation

The portal now brings you back to the main folder page where all your creations are held. The newly created project now sits below under the title “Folders”.

If you open this folder you will be presented with the four standard recordings that were created above.

Step 9. Your AI Project

By opening the recently created folder, you will be able to see each individual voice file 


Click on the mic to listen to a demo project

Step 10. Edit away!!

Once the voice file has been selected , your editing suite becomes live! From here you can:

  • Amend or add the wording
  • Add additionaltext blocks for longer messages
  • change the speaker
  • change the language
  • edit the output volume
  • Speed up or slow down the speaking rate
  • delay the speech start over the music track
  • delay the end of the recording after the speech
  • amend the phonetic spelling
  • Download the specified files

AI Marketing on Hold