Business Telephony

Convert or upgrade to a VoIP system from as little as £6.99 per month


Modern 21st Century Business telephony requires a flexible and scalable telephone system that fits all sized businesses. Whether you are looking for a small business Telephony system or a Corporate Business telephony system, the Ikonix Group specialise in deploying the right solution to ensure you maximise connectivity within your budget. Depending upon the needs and requirements we can deliver either Cloud, On Premise or a totally hybrid solution. A lot depends upon the infrastructure both internally and externally available to you and all of this will be taken into account to ensure you receive the right solution. All our systems are feature rich, highly resilient and sourced from the latest technology making them Solid, secure and reliable. Unified Communications can also be an imperative requirements for communicating with team members and customers, whether remote working or simply travelling the Globe, our range of collaboration tools, applications and integrations with other key business tools will ensure increased productivity. UC applications are easy to use and encompass a host of features such as; Voice and Video Calling , Chat/ Messaging functionality as well as user presence and more. Because of our independence and dedication to service, we only provide the right solution.


Ikonix Voice & Data are a specialised division of the Ikonix Telecoms Group dealing specifically with the provision and deployment of “Fixed” solutions”. Our dedicated team of advisors will engage with you to understand the criteria that is important to you to ensure that we supply – deploy & support only the right products that you need. The experienced advisors can choose from an open market and help you navigate the wide array of differing services and products and cut through the plethora of information available, offering you the clean, cost effective solution and service delivery along with the aftercare from our UK based team that appears lacking in most other organisations. After all, we recognise that we are the experts guiding you through what can sometimes appear to be a minefield. Afterall a Business telephony system is a Business telephony system – right? However the infrastructure that it sits in and on can make a world of difference and our team will guide you through the process and options


 Cloud-Based telephone systems, sometimes referred to as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or Hosted, require a suitable internet connection to enable seamless, uninterrupted voice traffic. The implementation of Cloud telephony offers major benefits and advantages in functionality , features and cost savings over the traditional copper / digital wires solutions. Cloud offers complete control over your own solution without the headache and high costs of maintaining an up to date system and offers the ability to remove the outdated “wires” and save the monthly costs. Most, if not all companies today already operate an super fast Internet connection for the data network and Cloud simply uses the ability to share the existing connection to utilise the spare bandwidth for voice. It may be necessary to provide a separate internet connection for voice in areas that Super Fast internet isn’t available along with the method of implementing QoS or Quality of service on the router. With the commitment from the UK Government to deliver super fast Internet to every household and business  along with Openreach’s announcement and intention to withdraw the PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network) by 2025 – Cloud really is the future.     


For many years, Ikonix Telecoms has been installing traditional telephone systems onto the Analogue and Digitial wired networks and are aware that Cloud solutions don’t fit everyone’s requirements and continue to deliver, Deploy and support the  traditional  on premise telephone systems when the need arises. A lot of the same functionality and feature set along with benefits can be delivered on these and they are also sometimes treated as a stepping stone towards going onto a full Cloud / Voip solution offering enhanced fail over capabilities. 


You are probably aware that BT Openreach, now known only as Openreach, are forging ahead with its plan to shut down the traditional telephone network in Britain, with the intention of moving all customers over to IP telephony services by 2025. This closure of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) is all part of the bigger plan toward internet-based voice calls via a fibre network – which also falls in line with the UK Government’s commitment to deliver a minimum of 10 Mbts to everyone from 2020. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be achieved in different ways, with different models that suit every business.

Although in reality, the timetable is already slipping, this is a reality and will happen going forward and the switch from Traditional business telephony has already seen a huge surge in business taking the forward step.