Imagine- all search engines under one umbrella

With Web Listings, your details are automatically updated across 50+ search engines AND resubmitted every month  making sure your details are accurate and your company profile is easy to find and visible. Google loves fresh data and because Web Listings resubmits your Company data every month, its treated as new data and given priority and listed near the top of searches – something we pay marketing companies a fortune to achieve for us.

80% of customers lose trust and confidence in local businesses if the online information is incorrect.

Google and other channels know how and when to display a business in relevant local search queries – and having that consistent and continuously updated data not only improves overall rankings and findability, but it makes sure the listing remains relevant. 

Can you afford not to be seen?

The Problem - Example

The majority  of sucess & growth will come from attracting new business – Search engines, Social Networks, Sat nav devices and review sites.

Obviously you recognize that you need to feature highly in search results & have accurate details of the business presented to your potential customers set by you – You are unable to commit the time nor do you have the expertise to ensure that this is always being implemented correctly.

Having grown and moved premises, possibly changed phone number and opened 18 months ago, you notice that you Still have clients telling you that your details are being displayed incorrectly on certain listing sites & search engines – But you just can’t justify the time & cost to find & update each search engine and listing site and you’ve also been told that some sites cant be changed manually!  

How will Web Listings benefit me and solve my problem?

3 Simple Steps

Web Listing ensures that all leading online directories present your business details as you intend. –

STEP 1 – Set a password for your account

STEP 2 – Verify your location data

STEP 3 – Upload to all your directories at once

Your Potential and existing customers now find your business higher up the search rankings on search engines and you know all the location data being presented to them has been verified by you – £8.99pm & No Manual intervention, all leading online directories listed with your verified data until the service is cancelled.

By adding additional services & products on your listing(e.g MOT, Spares etc) ensures you now appear in searches that you may not have before. Any changes are automatically changed within 48 hrs (subject to platform) – Increased finadability online ensure all current & new customers find your business 1st time!

Accurate Listings

Update all your listings automatically – from maps to search engines to social media

Higher Rankings

Consistent listings mean Google will rank you higher and move you up the list in Maps.

Happier Customers

New Opening hours? The last thing you want is a visitor standing in front of a closed door!

Watch the web listings