Compatible 3rd Party SIP Handsets

Security is a paramount concern for Ericsson-LG as well all of its customers connected to On premise or Hosted Telephone system.

Ericsson-LG provide a full range of Proprietary handsets in LIP9000 series or the new 1000i series.

However from time to time, client requirements sit outside of the normal Ericsson-LG scope, so to add additional flexibility we provide a standard compatible 3rd party devices list or non LG handsets authorised to work on the Ericsson-LG platform.

These handsets have undergone a 6 day rigerous and strict testing process to ensure the security of the platform is not compromised in any way. The testing process has a stringent 30 point check list that ensures that major functionality does not detract from the quality experience that clients should receive from using the Ericsson-LG brand, however, trying to fit a square peg in a round hole doesnt always work the way we need, so in some cases complete Ericsson-LG functionality may not be fully achievable.

Additional Equipment

Maxwell 3 Pro, Gigaset N300 IP (support for Gigaset handsets), Yealink Y19P, Cisco SPA 112, Snom PA1