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Ikonix Telecoms, having been rated as the Best VoIP service provider have made it very simple to now just select your Desk Phones, either Ericsson-LG or Polestar and order your Cloud subscriptions now. The Platform features are very similar and should suit your requirements or you can contact one of our team presenting the Best VoIP service Provider to get a bespoke proposal for your business as other options are available. Once you have made your selections, choose your handset from the available list. The online options as standard are based on plug’n’play and require a suitable internet connection to operate effectively and Ikonix can arrange full Internet services if required. Handsets will be configured and despatched via courier and incur a £10.00 delivery charge. We also offer a full installation and training service upon request. Desk phones will come complete with an Ethernet lead to connect to the router but Ikonix also offer a complete structured cabling service, for individual or corporate solutions – So just message us if this is required. Dont miss out and engage now with the Best VoIP service provider because your business deserves the best.

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The financial model & lack of having to purchase equipment on site means that Cloud communications is often a neutral cost or provides a cost saving at the same time as improving productivity and flexibility. Ideal for companies that grow and move or even Consolidate and shrink – the telephone number becomes irrelevant to location putting you in total control. Our flagship Cloud platforms include the Ericsson-LG system and the versatile and feature rich Polestar platform, both well known in the telecommunications arena for quality and diversity of inclusive features.

Cloud - VoIP

Cloud (VoIP) telephony is the solution that really is the promised “future Proof” communication tool offering a true unified service providing inclusive Voice calls, Video, email, IM and chat.

With Openreach announcing the total withdrawal of all Digital Lines (ISDN2 & ISDN30) by 2025, the UK market has entered the race to become a totally Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) based community.

There are huge benefits of moving to this solution, offering features that up until this point have been financially restrictive and possible not viable to invest in. This Hi-Tec Solution provides a simplified , low touch maintenance telephone system that comes without the responsibility of maintaining an ever changing hi-tec piece of equipment in your premises.

The basic set up requires something that in most cases, we already have, but are under utilising – The Internet connection. Fibre connections are the norm and most internet connections now are stable and fast enough to provide the bandwidth to carry multiple calls at once as well as hosting the data.

Its that simple – a handset, power and internet connection and you can have a multitude of features helping your business to promote and operate more effectively that ever before. As an independent supplier, Ikonix provide, supply and support a range of various business grade telephone systems to suit the end user requirements.


** Minute bundles to 01,02,03 & 07 (restrictions apply)

Call Reporting

The Call reporting suite enables you to monitor business-critical call metrics by accessing real-time reports, you can configure dashboards and visual wallboards to have an up to date view, and review call recordings to evaluate customer interactions. Enhance operational efficiency, optimise business decision-making and ultimately improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Call Recording

Included without charge, we offer the facility to record & download calls. The recording is encrypted and so is court legal if needed. Downloaded calls can now be saved to wherever you need, for as long as you want or simply be listened to again and again

CRM Integration - From £6.00 per month

Working in collaboration with one of the World leading software integration companies, Our Cloud – VoIP platform can offer integration with over 120 of the most popular software CRM solutions in the UK.

If your CRM is specific, or bespoke to you, we can probably still intefrate the solution with a little more back end work – speak to us.

CRM Integration

Mobility on Cloud - VoIP

Completely converge your communications by adding your Mobile phone to your Cloud platform – With various set-up options, from FREE “Mobile-Twining”- meaning your desk phone rings – so does your mobile wherever you are or “Mobile App” with a seperate extension or a totally “Integrated Sim” offering fully encrypted call recording along with all other cloud features.