RH&DR - Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway has been a prominent feature of Romney Marsh since the 1900’s and is known affectionately throughout Kent as a great day out with special occasions for the whole family.



The Customer

Known as “Kent’s Miniature Mainline,” our internationally renowned railway features one-third scale steam and diesel locomotives that traverse a scenic 13½-mile track from the historic Cinque Port town of Hythe to the picturesque Dungeness, designated as a National Nature Reserve. Along this route, there are four stations conveniently located within walking distance of beautiful beaches, providing an ideal opportunity to explore this unique corner of Kent.

Whether you prefer coastal or countryside walks, the area boasts diverse wildlife and flora, making it a nature lover’s paradise. You can also embark on cycle rides, visit medieval churches, and admire iconic lighthouses, all within easy reach.

Our railway offers excellent catering options at select stations, an ever-popular Model Railway Exhibition, play parks for children, well-stocked station shops, ample free car parking, and facilities to accommodate our disabled visitors. Rain or shine, the RH&DR promises an enjoyable day out for all generations.

The Problem

RH&DR previously had a highly disorganized telecommunications setup, with multiple telephone numbers, individual analog lines, and internet connections scattered across seven different locations, each serviced by various providers. To make matters worse, the main site attempted to provide telephony services to nearby stations through a poorly installed dedicated link that frequently experienced disruptions due to its placement along the tracks.

At another site, unreliable 4G connectivity was used to deliver internet services, leading to frequent drops in connectivity. The lack of communication resulted in each station functioning as isolated entities, often causing  unexpected surges in customers arriving  unannounced at the station. This, in turn, created challenges at facilities like cafes and other amenities.

The Solution

Following multiple consultations and extensive site meetings, Ikonix Telecoms undertook the task of improving the telecommunication infrastructure at RH&DR. As a proof of concept solution, we established a robust “Point to Point” connection to replace the previously unreliable 4G connection.

Subsequently, we meticulously designed and implemented a tailor-made internal network for each location. This bespoke network was specifically crafted to accommodate the installation of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. This strategic move aimed to unify the entire railway infrastructure, streamlining communication processes and simplifying the numbering plan. Consequently, this transformation facilitated seamless internal calls and regular communication between all seven sites, enhancing the overall efficiency of RH&DR’s operations.

The End Result

Thanks to our comprehensive efforts, RH&DR has achieved a complete and robust internet connectivity solution at each of its sites, resulting in a seamlessly unified presentation across the railway network. The deployment of a VoIP solution adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the railway is well-prepared for the transition to digital voice in 2025. This transformation has empowered every RH&DR site with the ability to communicate effortlessly with all other locations within the railway network.

Such enhanced communication capabilities are invaluable for facilities like shops and cafes, as they can now prepare more efficiently for the arrival of a multitude of customers, knowing what to expect and when to expect them.

This strategic overhaul enables RH&DR to maximize revenue from every trip while simultaneously elevating the quality of service provided to its valued customers. Instead of operating as multiple isolated locations, all stations now function as a cohesive single site, delivering improved functionality and operational synergy.

Additionally, with Ikonix Telecoms assuming full maintenance responsibilities for all sites, the railway benefits from a single point of contact. This fosters strong relationships and easy accessibility between the customer, RH&DR, and its telecommunications supplier, ensuring efficient support and streamlined communication channels.