Telephone Systems – On Premises

On Premise Phone System / PBX

Traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or On Premise telephone systems have been the back bone of the telephony world for a long time and can be as complex as you need them to be, delivering a wide range of modern telephony features and benefits. On Premise systems are still a very popular choice for many businesses for a variety of reasons. With the PBX, the hardware is physically located withing your business premises allowing you complete and full access to your telephony network.

This set up is extremely popular with businesses that want to manage and maintain the phone system themselves or have complete control over the safety and security of their company phone system.

Our traditional PBX has been designed to work with either Analogue,Digital or SIP trunks making it a truly flexible and valuable business tool and can also be used as a first stepping stone towards going to Cloud if your Internet bandwidth isnt strong enough or you have your doubts about Cloud Telephony.

Ikonix can manage a simple upgrade path utilising the existing PBX equipment for resilience, meaning that any initial investment isn’t wasted in replacing expensive hardware .

IKONIX iPECS UCP Phone system

The Ericsson-LG system is designed to work “how you want it to work” with your specific infrastructure in mind, no matter if you need it rack mounted, standalone or simply mounted on the wall! The system can be configured to work with CAT5/6 or standard analogue sockets so you don’t have to invest in expensive structured cabling.

Build your system - make it work for you

Call Reporting

iCALL suite enables you to monitor business-critical call metrics by accessing real-time reports, you can configure dashboards and visual wallboards to have an up to date view, and review call recordings to evaluate customer interactions. Enhance operational efficiency, optimise business decision-making and ultimately improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Call Recording - Ad Hoc

The Ericsson-LG On Premises range of PBX phone systems offer the facility to record calls with a simple touch of a button. Once selected, the call if recorded and as soon as the call ends, an email is sent directly to you with the WAV. file recording attached. you can now save the file to wherever or listen again and again

CRM Integration

Working in collaboration with one of the World leading software integration companies, Our Cloud – VoIP platform can offer integration with over 120 of the most popular software CRM solutions in the UK.

If your CRM is specific, or bespoke to you, we can probably still intefrate the solution with a little more back end work – speak to us.


The Ericsson-LG solution allows Either remote working or connection via a an App called UCS.

The Mobile app allocates a unique extension number to the mobile and offers the same features and call ability as a desk phone – wherever you are so long as you have connectivity!