Super-Fast Connectivity

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Important Changes

From 5th September 2023, all legacy products have been put on a STOP SELL notice. This means that you will not be able to order / upgrade or transfer to another or the same legacy product. These product may surprise you: Don’t worry though, we always have an alternative to keep your business safe

  • FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet)
  • Analogue Lines
  • ADSL2+
  • ISDN
  • PDQ Machines (Credit Card machines)
  • Alarms

The Internet - Whatever it takes

Super Fast Connectivity or Internet access is the ability of Individuals or organisations to connect to the World Wide Web (WWW). In itself it doesn’t sound spectacular, but without it, nearly every walk of life would be effected and all businesses now depend on it.

Therefore, without connectivity and Internet access, we would have no websites, no email and a plethora of services would collapse and the business world would quickly come to a virtual standstill. Depending upon your Internet Connectivity requirements, customers normally opt for the best and fastest Internet connection speeds that are available in your location. With options such as, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Dedicated Internet Access (Lease Lines).

Ikonix Telecoms Group again proudly delivers a complete spectrum of super fast connectivity options. From basic ADSL (Broadband) through to a dedicated internet connection, providing your own dedicated internet access and everything inbetween.

The digital transformation has encouraged most businesses in the UK and across the world to focus on promoting and providing their services online. In fact the only barrier to opening up these new avenues to market appears to be the bandwidth and Internet speeds that are available. Also because of our total independence, Ikonix are able to provide the widest range of possible solutions.

These will meet your specific demands and requirements, juggling both budget and internet connection speeds.


Your location and proximity to the local cabinet will have a massive impact on Connectivity or the ‘Bandwidth’ available to you. ‘Bandwidth’ is the term used to identify the capacity of a wired or wireless network communications link to transmit the maximum amount of data from one point to another. 

This could be over a Cloud Phone system, a computer network or an internet connection in a given amount of time. Usually quoted in terms of 80/20 Mega bits per second or variations of this.

 Unless a synchronous connection is supplied, the speed quoted first (Download) will always be greater than the second speed (upload). Because data travels up & down, the upload speed should always be taken into consideration when deploying any network services. Whether voice or data and our experts will be able to advise what is available and where.

For example, some suppliers may limit the amount of data that can pass through the connection they supply and then apply additional charges for the excess usage. If incorrectly set up, this could cause you to incur a lot of unseen costs.

Consequently IKONIX only use business grade, Unlimited usage data connectivity suppliers to ensure this never happens to our clients. 

The world of choice - its all yours

As our status as independent suppliers and dedication to our customers, we ensure the widest range of choice.

Ikonix select a range of best of breed first tier business grade suppliers to ensure the availability of super fast connections wherever they are. Our supply chain includes Virgin, Talk Talk, BT Wholesale, Gamma, Vodafone & more allowing us to provide a range of services that includes:

If for whatever reason we cannot achieve the speeds by the traditional means of the 21st Century network, Ikonix will look into deploying either line of site connections or satellite connections to provide the infrastructure to keep your business running and on the march forward.

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol

As more and more companies take the step to move the voice communications into the “Cloud”, the major single factor involved is the Internet Connectivity and bandwidth achievable.

Poor speeds or low bandwidth delivers a poor voice quality which is normally associated with early ADSL connections. Now, Fibre is available in various formats – FTTC – FTTP – DIA & SoGEA.

The bandwidths and stability of the circuits are such that downtime is measured in years instead of how many time the circuit would fail in a day or week.

The cost that can be saved by simply using the infrastructure that is already in place can be staggering but simply makes sense – you will undoubtedly already have a super fast internet connection, why not use it for your voice?.

Speak to one of our advisors who can easily assess cost savings and efficiencies that can be achieved – Without obligation… GET MORE INFORMATION

Check your speed

There are many “Checkers” on the internet to demonstrate your currents speeds – We have now included a check button for ease to see your current Internet Connectivity speeds. Simply – Click on the “Run Speed Test” button. We also use and external checker which is open source.

The Speed checker will calculate your Download Speed first of all and then your Upload speed. Both figures are important and deliver a comprehensive overview of the Bandwidth available.